4 websites every high school student should know about

Posted on Tuesday, 3/12/2013 5:15 pm

Students' high school years are some of the most important in their lives. After all, this is when many teenagers decide whether they will pursue a college degree or enter the workforce after earning their high school diploma. As students' high school experiences can play a major role in what types of adults they become, it is important for teachers to offer advice that can help them grow on both academic and personal levels.  

There is much teachers can do, such as offering book and student software suggestions. In some cases, all teenagers need is a link to a website. Here are four websites that both students, and high school instructors, should know about:

The College Board
For today's students, the college admissions process is more competitive than ever. As a result, more knowledge can only serve as an asset to them. Collegeboard.org offers an array of information and tips for students who are beginning to plan the next step in their academic careers.

The College Board's website covers everything from the college search and selecting the right-sized school, to writing an effective application essay and paying for college.

If high school students plan on applying to a few colleges and universities, they are going to want to learn as much as possible about these institutions. One of the best ways to do this is to visit these schools' campuses.

Campustours.com is a useful resource, as its "College Search" tool allows students to visit some campuses without even leaving their home. If the school in question offers virtual tours, web camera footage or detailed maps of its campus on its official website, CampusTours provides direct links to each of these offerings.

With tuition being as high as it is, many students require help paying for college. Finaid.org is a good resource for students who wish to learn about the various options at their disposal.

On FinAid's website, visitors will find detailed write-ups on scholarships, student loans, military aid and more. They will also find links to other online resources that might help them explore their financial aid options.

While some high school students have held more jobs than others, it is never too early to start putting together a resume. On Monster.com, students who have never put together a resume or written a cover letter will find a series of career resources, such as samples of resumes and cover letters, as well as tips for writing both.

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