5 helpful websites for elementary school teachers

Posted on Thursday, 3/7/2013 5:56 pm

It is not uncommon to find at least one computer in modern classrooms, which makes it possible for elementary school teachers to use educational software for students. Having access to a computer also means that instructors often have the ability to go online and use the internet for educational purposes.  

While connected to the internet, here are five websites elementary teachers may want to visit:

1. Crayola.com
As young children like to have fun, teachers may find that incorporating lessons into creative activities may help students learn better. If they visit Crayola.com and go to the website's "For Educators" section, they will find several ideas for creative lesson plans. For example, second-graders can use their imagination to create a fantasy creature using recycled materials, or fifth-graders can learn about Aboriginal culture by creating a colorful Aboriginal mask they can wear.

2. Google Earth
Young students may not realize just how big of a place the world actually is. However, websites like earth.google.com allow teachers to show kids what lies beyond school grounds. Using Google Earth, instructors have the ability to view 3D models of famous landmarks on the other side of the world, and even explore the depths of the ocean. Teachers who want to provide their students with a virtual classroom experience will want to bookmark Google Earth.

3. Scholastic Book Wizard
Sometimes, it can be hard for teachers to find an appropriate book for their students to read as a class. Going to scholastic.com/bookwizard could provide instructors with the assistance they require. Visitors to this website can type in the name of a book and receive information on its themes, reading level and similar titles.

4. Free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
New classroom resources can be expensive, so it is always nice when teachers can find materials for free. For a slew of educational content that is free of charge, instructors will want to visit free.ed.gov. On this website, they will be able to search for resources by subjects, such as language arts, math, U.S. history, and music and arts.

5. NBC Learn
NBC News has been covering major stories for more than 80 years, which means it has quite the collection of news materials in its archives. Typing nbclearn.com into a web browser will bring teachers to some of this content. Several free resources are available, such as "Changing Planet," a video series about the Earth's evolving climate, and "Science of Innovation," another video series that is perfect for students learning about STEM subjects.

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