Arne Duncan engages students in discussion about their future

Posted on Tuesday, 1/14/2014 1:26 PM

Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education, took to Twitter recently to engage students across the country in a dialogue to discuss President Barack Obama's college affordability plan. The plan, which Obama released last August, aims to increase student accessibility to higher educational institutions and decrease the amount of student loans accrued by current attendees.

While Obama's plan received a significant amount of attention during the discussion, many participants were eager to discuss students' level of college preparedness. In addition to college readiness, some Twitter users were interested to learn Duncan's ideas on specialized vocational training and financial literacy.

"Our goal should be to have every HS student graduate college & career ready, w/the skills to pursue their dreams," Duncan Tweeted during the chat.

Preparing students for their futures
There are several ways in which educators can properly educate students so they are ready for their futures, one of the most important being assisting students in discovering what path they want to pursue after finishing high school. This can be achieved by introducing K-12 students to the wide array of subjects at their disposal and allowing them to further explore these subjects as they progress through their grades. The Common Core State Standards, currently adopted by 45 states, allow for students to become fully immersed in subject matter before moving forward and deciding upon a path for the future, according to the CCSS' website.

To increase students' chances of succeeding to the best of their abilities when aiming to achieve these standards, school educators can implement tutors, technology and student software to complement learning materials. 

Transitioning to life after high school
In a tweet, one chat participant let Duncan know that "High school doesn't seem to be preparing students for college and the real world." 

While Duncan's only response was that students should "demand a world-class education," school administrators have the opportunity to prepare students for the transition from high school to college or career. There are several ways in which administrators can help ease the transition process for students, including promoting meetings with guidance counselors and college prep advisors. Teachers can also engage students in classroom dialogue, or encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities that may help students discover the path they may like to follow upon exiting the school system.

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