3 websites that can provide homework help to high schoolers

Posted on Friday, 3/15/2013 4:30 pm

No matter what subjects high school students are struggling with, they should know there are several ways for them to receive the help they deserve. For example, their teachers could provide them with extra help after class, connect them with a knowledgeable tutor or recommend student software that could improve their understanding of any subjects they are having trouble with.

However, this is not all high school teachers can do to help students in need of extra help. Sometimes, learners can help themselves at a time that is most convenient for them so long as they visit the right websites. Here are a few that can provide high school students with homework help:

Khan Academy
When students type khanacademy.org into their computer's web browser, they will be redirected to a website designed to make learning more convenient for people of all ages. The not-for-profit Khan Academy provides more than 4,000 free educational materials, including videos and practice problems.

Khan's extensive collection of resources provides students with an opportunity to receive help in a variety of academic subjects, from algebra and chemistry, to history and computer programming. In addition, high schoolers can prepare for different assessments, such as the SAT and the California Standards Test.

Ask Dr. Math
Sometimes, students can spend what feels like an eternity searching the internet for something they just cannot find, such as how to complete a difficult math problem. If searching is taking too long, they can always pose their question to Dr. Math. The Ask Dr. Math website, which is located at mathforum.org/dr.math/, is a question and answer service run by math students and their teachers at Drexel University.

Visitors to this website may not even have to ask a question, as they could find the answers they are looking for in the Dr. Math FAQ section.

Discovery Education
If students could use some help across multiple subjects, they may want to visit Discovery Education's website at discoveryeducation.com. There, they will find a section of free student resources focused on such topics as English, science, social studies and mathematics.

For example, those who are struggling with grammar in English class can view videos on verbs and clauses, while other high school students can further their knowledge of transitions and persuasive writing.


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