ISTE believes technology can enhance CCSS instruction

Posted on Monday, 6/26/2013 4:57 PM

So long as educators are open to collaborating with their peers, there is the possibility these individuals can arrive at solutions to the teaching problems they face. Whether they use faculty software to communicate with one another or meet in person, instructors with questions or concerns may receive helpful teaching tips from their fellow educators. 

There are those who believe technology needs to play a larger role in education. After all, everything from tablet computers to student software have proven effective in engaging students in the instruction they receive.

Naturally, members of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) are among the supporters of instruction that finds way to integrate technology into the classroom. The ISTE is comprised of roughly 18,500 members, and is dedicated to advancing the ways teachers, as well as pre-K-12 students, use and understand technology, according to the society's website.

In a press release, officials from the ISTE recently shared with the world what attendees of its annual conference and expo already knew about - the society's position on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Supporters of the CCSS should be pleased to learn that the ISTE is in favor of their implementation, and believes that using technology at school will help educators increase the Common Core's effectiveness.

At the same time, ISTE officials are quick to point out how vital it will be for instructors to be familiar with technology as they transition to CCSS-aligned teaching.

"The price tag on the technology infrastructure needed to implement the Common Core is high - in the billions of dollars," said Brian Lewis, chief executive officer of the ISTE, in a statement. "It's critical that schools and districts leverage that investment to improve learning outcomes for students. For that to happen, educators and students must have a firm foundation in the skills required to be digital teachers and learners."

Rather than adopt the CCSS alone, the ISTE would like to see schools embrace the society's National Educational Technology Standards, or NETS. According to the association's website, the NETS set a standard by which educators can achieve excellence teaching with technology. They are designed to provide students with valuable skills, such as those related to critical thinking and problem solving, as well as prepare them for a competitive job market. These goals reflect the purpose of the CCSS, which is to equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need to thrive in college and the workforce.

Even if schools do not adopt the NETS, integrating technology will be essential, as students are likely to use computers, tablets and other devices throughout their lives. The earlier they start using them, the better.

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