ProgressBook Suite Now Saves Schools Over 80% of Their Time Spent on K-12 Student, Classroom and Teacher Scheduling
Cleveland, OH – April 16, 2013 – Software Answers announces ProgressBook Suite web-based solution now reduces K-12 school scheduling processes from several weeks to under two days.  This time-saving MasterScheduler is a result of ProgressBook being integrated with aSc TimeTables school scheduling, used by over 100,000 schools in 145 countries.
Future-year school scheduling is normally a very time-consuming process: matching dozens of components such as students, course requests, periods, classrooms, class size limits, and teacher availability/courses taught.  Administrators creating schedules at even the smallest schools have exasperating experiences because millions of possible combinations are possible. 
According to Scott Miller, Software Answers COO, “We’ve moved ProgressBook from basic placement scheduling to a solution that actually “recommends” the times of day teachers, students and classrooms should be matched.  ProgressBook MasterScheduler is providing first-time match rates averaging over 94% for our customers.  The exceptions – where students are still unscheduled and need to be manually matched - are reduced from hundreds to just a handful.  That’s a huge time savings and efficiency factor to streamline school processes.”
Reaction from school staff trying the scheduling has been very positive.  Mr. Miller said, “Districts with pending school levies indicate the importance of student scheduling software options.  MasterScheduler enables multiple what-if scenarios for testing alternate schedules, so schools can simply pull the trigger on the appropriate schedule when the time is right.”
MasterScheduler handles complex block scheduling, has easy-to-use graphs and charts, can start with the previous year’s schedule, reduces gaps in teacher schedules, and produces clean and fresh printed schedules by teacher, student and classroom.  The integration between ProgressBook and aSc TimeTables was developed by the Software Answers development team.  Applied Software Consultants (aSc) is based out of Bratislava, Slovakia.  
About Software Answers, Inc. - Software Answers provides ProgressBook® Suite, web-based applications for K-12 school districts. This student, classroom, school and district-wide solution is used by educators, parents and students to increase teacher efficiency, align education with state standards, and increase parents’ involvement in their children’s education process, all helping to boost student academic achievement. ProgressBook is used in 800 school districts across the U.S., including over 75% of Ohio public schools and is available nationwide. ProgressBook applications include GradeBook (online grade book), StudentInformation (SIS, formerly DASL), SpecialServices (IEP/ETR management), DataMap (data analysis to boost student state-standardized test scores), VirtualClassroom and ParentAccess. The company is headquartered in Brecksville, a Cleveland, Ohio suburb.
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