20th of 22 Ohio Information Technology Centers Chooses ProgressBook® Suite for their 30+ School District Customers

K-12 student, classroom and district web-based software for Grade book, special education, student information system, state reporting and parent/student access
Cleveland, OH – May 18, 2012 — The Northeast Ohio Management Information Network (NEOMIN), Information Technology Center (ITC) in Warren, Ohio will roll out Software Answers' web-based, ProgressBook Suite to their 30+ public and non-public school district consortium for each to manage their student, classroom and district activity.  Of Ohio’s 22 state-established ITCs, NEOMIN is number 20 to support ProgressBook Suite for their district members.
Mark Reesing, Software Answers, Director, said, “With NEOMIN school districts coming on board it solidifies Software Answers’ position as the majority provider of school district software in our home state, which includes over 75% of Ohio public schools.  They join our 800+ customers nationwide to achieve increased teacher efficiency, financial savings, improved parent involvement, and higher academic achievement, all delivered via ProgressBook Suite.  ProgressBook is gaining real momentum with K-12 districts across the country too, now including customers such as Orange County Public Schools in Florida, Cherry Hill Public Schools in New Jersey, and Rio Rancho Schools in New Mexico.”
Robert Falatic, NEOMIN ITC Associate Director said, “Over a six-month period, our review team of 40 teachers, technology staff, counselors and principals saw many product overviews and detailed demonstrations.  We evaluated each product by a set of criteria scoring on form, fit and functionality.  At each milestone ProgressBook came out on top.  The software is easy to use, creates efficiencies and streamlines processes which meet the needs of our user base.”
After determining that ProgressBook was the best fit, the review team also considered almost 75% of their Ohio peers had already selected ProgressBook for their schools during the previous ten years.  High-priority requirements in the review team’s decision included: using a single database for all data, easily moving students between districts and a strong user group community for peer networking and voicing product enhancements.
In preparation for the July 2012 cutover, NEOMIN technology specialists are converting student and staff data from the previous eSIS/Pearson solution and are holding teacher and administrator training sessions.  Just prior to the new 2012-2013 school year, refresher ProgressBook training will be available and districts will introduce the ParentAccess portal to parents and students.
ProgressBook Suite includes seven, web-based modules, enabling school districts to pick and choose modules needed to run their operation.  Modules have hundreds of features and capabilities to enable or deactivate according to a district’s business operational requirements.  NEOMIN districts will use:
§ GradeBook: Teacher’s lesson planning using standards-based state requirements, assignments, teacher grade book, attendance, lunch counts, online progress reports, report cards
§ SpecialServices: Special education (IEP) and gifted student online forms, progress tracking, educator collaborating, state department of education compliance and reporting
§ StudentInformation (formerly known as DASL): Contact information, medical records, calendars, transcripts, fees, graduation eligibility, proficiency assessments, state reporting, course scheduling
§ ParentAccess: 24/7, parent/student online access to homework, grades, report cards and more. 
Software Answers markets ProgressBook Suite to technology support centers as well as directly to school districts.  For Technology Centers such as NEOMIN, Mr. Falatic points out that new solutions training is handled by the same person that provides ongoing school district support which makes for a seamless rollout and easy maintenance. 
Other ProgressBook modules include: DataMap: data analytics with specific, actionable benchmarks for differentiated instruction, VirtualClassroom:  online assessments and homework with curriculum uploading and sharing for in and outside classrooms, and Snapshot: documenting teacher and classroom observations on a tablet.  ProgressBook modules support Race to the Top initiatives.  
About NEOMIN NEOMIN, located in Warren, Ohio, provides technology services to schools and libraries in Trumbull and Ashtabula, Ohio counties.  NEOMIN provides technology services in five core segments: email/systems, fiscal, library, network and student management.  NEOMIN is wholly owned by its member districts and is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of member superintendents.  NEOMIN is one of 22 Ohio ITCs licensed by the Ohio Department of Education.
About Software Answers, Inc. - Software Answers is a leading provider of innovative, K-12, web-based school district software.  The ProgressBook Suite empowers school districts of all sizes to make optimal decisions that increase teacher efficiency, align education with state standards, streamline processes, and increase parent involvement in children’s education process, achieving real resulting in boosted student academic achievement.  This student, classroom and district-wide solution is used by educators, parents and students in 800+ school districts across the U.S.  Software Answers is headquartered in Brecksville, a Cleveland, Ohio suburb.
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