Software Answers Releases Web Service API for Open School District Software Platform

VendorLink provides easy, automatic and secure sharing of K-12 student, school and district data with third-party software suppliers
Cleveland, OH – March 6, 2013Software Answers, Inc. announces their release of an Application Programming Interface (API) enabling their ProgressBook® Suite software to securely and easily share student, school and district data across the web with third-party software suppliers. ProgressBook Suite web-based software is used by over 800 K-12 school districts nationwide and includes a student information system, grade book, special education management, parent and student portal, and more.  
Paul Chaffee, Software Answers CEO said, “Using VendorLink, schools can streamline operations by integrating with third-party software to create a secure, controlled and automatic passing of information between systems. This API empowers ProgressBook Suite customers to create an open architecture and enables the convenience and flexibility of choosing the best software for their operation, no matter who the provider. Given the prevalence of school districts wanting to leverage their current software investments, this open platform is an exciting development.”
VendorLink authenticates outside software for access to a school’s system, as well as authorizes access to specified data as approved by school operations. Third-party software providers can read, add and update information in the ProgressBook Suite StudentInformation application and pull data to their applications.
A vendor setup in the school’s student information system enables access for software suppliers to use the VendorLink API. After the third-party software supplier gains access using the API, schools can immediately realize the automatic flow of information, eliminate duplicate data entry, improve data accuracy, boost staff efficiency and realize hundreds or thousands of hours saved each week by school staff. Third-party software vendors use the VendorLink open source API at no charge.
VendorLink replaces Cornucopia, originally created in 2003 and funded by Ohio technology centers. VendorLink technology uses the Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), expands the number of methods and types of data that can be passed, and includes configurable activity and error logging. VendorLink uses the SIF® (Schools Interoperability Framework®) data model standard. Current school district software providers migrating from Cornucopia to VendorLink include Pay4It, Public School Works, OneCallNow, EZPay and more. Software Answers provides third-party software suppliers with VendorLink documentation and easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions to create the integration. 
About Software Answers, Inc. - Software Answers provides ProgressBook® Suite, web-based applications for K-12 school districts. This student, classroom, school and district-wide solution is used by educators, parents and students to increase teacher efficiency, align education with state standards, and increase parent involvement in their children’s education process, all helping to boost student academic achievement. ProgressBook is used in 800 school districts across the U.S., over 75% of Ohio public schools and is available nationwide. ProgressBook applications include GradeBook, StudentInformation (SIS, formerly DASL), SpecialServices (IEP/ETR management), DataMap (data analysis to boost student state-standardized test scores), VirtualClassroom and ParentAccess. The company is headquartered in Brecksville, a Cleveland, Ohio suburb.
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