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Get Instant Access to Your Students' Assessment Data!


Imagine how valuable it would be to see assessment scores and benchmark data for each of your students, whenever you need it. 

ProgressBook now features direct links to the Student Roadmap — a comprehensive view into a student’s testing, intervention and attendance history — for schools and districts using the DataMap solution.  While working within StudentInformation, GradeBook, or SpecialServices, educators have instant access to key student performance data that helps to support informed instructional decisions.  

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Data Analysis to Improve Student Performance 
Featuring the ability to manage Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and interventions, DataMap is a data analytics tool that turns student and classroom assessment data into actionable information that teachers can use to help students excel and improve. 
DataMap collects, aggregates and displays trending and historical achievement measures from standardized test scores, practice scores, student demographics, and other student information system data. It's a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for tracking student progress.  At their fingertips, educators see classroom, grade, school, and state information on one screen.  Drill down to the student level – and teachers can view all of the assessment and benchmark data needed to guide and differentiate instruction.


  • Ÿ Third-party assessments
  • Ÿ State assessments
  • Ÿ District-created assessments
  • Ÿ Pre-college assessments

Key Features:

  • ŸCreate student learning objectives (SLOs) from start to finish through the review process
  • Automatically upload test data using the DataMap ‘Excavator' process
  • ŸDrill down and go back for easy maneuvering in the live data
  • ŸStudent Road Maps show key demographics and data points needed to assess individual student progress
  • ŸAssign, edit and review targeted, multi-tier interventions


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