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GradeBook’s online attendance tracking software gives teachers, school administrators, office staff and even substitute teachers the ability to take attendance quickly, easily and accurately.


Key Attendance Tracking Features Include:

  • Any number of attendance and tardy codes are defined by the district. Teachers select the appropriate code for students who are tardy or absent; those without an entry are automatically marked present. For perfect attendance, teachers simply save without entering any codes and they’re done!
  • Teachers can take attendance from their classroom seating chart containing photos of students arranged in their classroom setup. Teachers can select the attendance codes directly on the seating chart and save them in the system.
  • Seating charts with student photos help substitute teachers take attendance accurately and help them maintain control of the classroom.
  • Enter attendance in homeroom, by period, or both.
  • If both daily and period attendance are taken by teachers, administrators can run the Potential Skip Report comparing each attendance showing a list of students who were marked present in daily attendance but have an absence in one or more of their classes.
  • Additional built-in attendance and audit reports are available including the Attendance Not Submitted report and others to analyze history and to determine attendance trends
  • Use the ad hoc reporting capability to create your own reports
  • Collects attendance history information for state reporting
  • Attendance data entered and maintained in GradeBook is integrated with other ProgressBook systems and integrates with student information systems
  • Take attendance on field trips using a mobile device which supports a web browser
  • Access individual attendance history which uses color coding, audit trail and print functionality
  • Supports partial day attendance
  • Drill down to modify a record quickly
  • Enter excused absences for field trips or excused absences which teachers cannot override
  • Extract or view head count reports interactively through the data analysis tools
  • Once daily attendance is entered by the teachers, the attendance administrative staff has access to the Attendance Queue for editing and managing attendance records. The Attendance Queue provides options for entering, modifying, and reconciling attendance records. Attendance staff can also maintain records of contacts to the child’s home through the Attendance Queue.

Attendance tracking and recording can be done by seating chart with photos (below) or class roster. Notes and special circumstances can be posted for each student.

Attendance tracking and recording can be done by seating chart with photos (below) or class roster

Attendance tracking and recording can be done by seating chart with photos (below) or class roster 




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