ProgressBook Suite

A full feature, web-based student management system used by more than 750 school districts across the U.S

Our student management system is fully compatible with Windows and Mac-based operating systems, it includes extensive reporting, and is feature rich with options that can be turned on or off enabling school districts to run the software as their school district operation requires.  ProgressBook applications are all integrated or can run independently for districts choosing other vendor applications.  The ProgressBook Suite of products includes:

  • GradeBook: Classroom lesson planning using standards-based state requirements, assignments, teacher grade book, attendance, lunch counts, online progress reports, report cards, control of ParentAccess content and more.
  • ParentAccess: Online web site giving parents and students 24/7 access to homework, grades, progress reports, report cards, student schedules, attendance, school resource and more.
  • SpecialServices: Special education (IEP) and gifted student online forms, progress tracking, educator collaborating, state department of education compliance and reporting.
  • DataMap: Data intelligence providing teachers with specific, actionable benchmarks to teach and emphasize, helping students gain differentiated instruction and improve standardized test scores. Using DataMap, educators can create Student Learning Objectives (SLO) to measure student growth and teacher effectiveness.
  • StudentInformation:  Student information system containing contact information, medical records, fees, calendars, transcripts, graduation eligibility, proficiency assessments, state reporting, course scheduling and third-party application integration.
  • VirtualClassroom: Online Learning Management System (LMS) aligned to Common Core and state academic standards for students both in and outside the classroom. Built upon other ProgressBook applications to seamlessly share lesson plans, assignments, grades and other information. Teachers can create their own content and collaborate with curriculum teams.  

Benefits of ProgressBook Suite include eliminating duplicate data entry, streamlining operations to reduce time spent on administrative tasks, aligning education with state standards, increasing teacher efficiency, boosting student state-standardized test scores, and improving parent involvement in their child’s education.  Most importantly, this one-suite solution is designed to help administrators and educators accelerate student academic achievement.


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