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Satisfied Educators...

"ProgressBook is extremely well-designed, both for teachers and for parents. It allows for efficient posting of grades and comments, and it has been the single greatest improvement in teacher-parent communication in my twenty-six years of teaching!"

~ High School Language Arts Teacher


"Again, [I would like to express] my sincere appreciation for developing programs that suit the needs of teachers and aid in making our job easier. Your program is phenomenal."

~ Junior High School Teacher


"Our districts love the new parent/student web access. Everyone has been really impressed and love the changes. I wanted you to know that all the hard work and efforts that went into this module are greatly appreciated! It’s wonderful!"

~ Support Specialist


"As a counselor, I love Progress Book. It is a tremendous benefit for me to keep track of student’s grades and monitor successes and/or declines in performance. It helps me hold students accountable. I also find it very helpful when a parent contacts me. I can access all of the child’s grades while we are speaking so I have an idea of what we are dealing with. Thanks."

~ Guidance Counselor


"ProgressBook is at the cutting edge of what our focus is… We're getting a great response from parents."

~ District Superintendent


"Progress Book has been a great addition to my classroom. I really appreciate the ability to quickly load grades, check on students' progress at any time, post homework on a daily/weekly basis and the fact that I can privately make and record comments about phone calls and/or conversations with parents of my students. I like that I can enter grades electronically instead of filling out those gruesome bubble sheets. I like placing my lesson plans on line and being able to refer to state standards and indicators instantly. It's valuable that my students and their parents can look online for homework and to check their grades. Progress Book has made a positive impact on my teaching for it frees up time in so many little ways that pertain to bookkeeping in the classroom."

~ 8th Grade Teacher

"I've been a teacher for over 25 years and I have to say that I was led to ProgressBook kicking and screaming but have since become one of its greatest fans. ProgressBook saves me so much time, especially during grading. I love being able to access my grade book from anywhere."
"I just noticed the new features added to ProgressBook. I love 'em. Wow - you folks really do aim to make this a program that is teacher driven. Thanks again."

Delighted Parents...

"My daughter has always struggled in school. At the start of her senior year, it was doubtful that she would graduate. That is when her school gave parents and students access to ProgressBook. The information on the website made her realize the impact of not turning in assignments and doing poorly on exams. She started to monitor her grades, worked harder, and graduated. Thank you for making a difference!"

"I love ProgressBook. Not only can I keep my daughter accountable but she understands now what a missing assignment does to her grade. She couldn't grasp its significance before."

"My Son and I use Progress Book each week.  I check his grade-book each Friday morning and print off any assignments he has showing missing.  Progress Book has been a great help in keeping him organized and it has given him a more active role in keeping track of his own grades."

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